Tuesday 18 May 2010

Introducing Henrietta and Olive

Meet my two gorgeous partners in crime (right) and Olive. Henrietta was a present from Mummy and Daddy for my first birthday and Olive recently arrived to join my little mischief-making posse.

They're my favourite companions for tea parties and are my arbiters of style when I go shopping in my cupboard. As you can probably tell from their own edgy outfits they are keen proponents of bold colour and pattern choices. Lacroix would be proud!

Henrietta and Olive are both one of a kind Posy dolls from MiniLala but you can buy one of their gorgeous sisters or brothers if you hurry in!

Monday 10 May 2010

New Dress

While the arrival of a new dress can hardly be said to be an unusual occurrence in Puddleduck land, there are some that cause more excitement than others. This divine red Chalk n Cheese number (from Minifashionista) being one such dress. As soon as I unwrapped it I wanted to wear it. So what that it was bedtime - I can't see why Mummy thought that that made any difference at all!

I finally got to wear it - seriously I had to wait 3 days and was not impressed - when we went for a picnic on Mother's Day. Teamed with some red tights it was the perfect outfit for an autumn picnic. I simply adore the pockets on the skirt - perfect for squirreling away all sorts of treasures!

I'm not inclined to be gentle with my clothes and I can happily report that this one stood up to as much running up and down a dirt hill as I could manage!

Saturday 8 May 2010

Bad Hair Day

Even with my enviable curls I occasionally have a bad hair day. I generally don't like any sort of hair accessory - clips get ripped out, ribbons and bands thrown as far as my little arm can manage - however, when the occasion calls for it I will tolerate a bandana. This red and white spotty one is from Eternal Creation and the perfect way to jazz up a plain tee and jeans.

Friday 7 May 2010

Reading corner

When I come home from a hard day at the office I like to unwind in my little reading corner. I've got a lovely comfy Cocoon Couture beanbag (red and pink - my fave colour combo) and it's right next to all my books. Last night I pulled out Mummy's old Meg and Mog Birthday book where she'd written all the birthday of her family and friends. It was so much fun going through and reading about them - and seeing the way Mummy wrote when she was a little girl!

Thursday 6 May 2010

Waste not want not

It seems such a waste to pack away all my gorgeous summer dresses now that the weather has turned positively chilly so Mummy and I have been hunting high and low to try and find some long sleeve tees to layer under them so I can keep wearing them for a little longer yet.

So far we haven't had a great deal of success (seriously what is with the need to embellish everything these days?) so I thought I'd show you some of my favourite summer dresses instead!

On the far left is my Dragonfly dress by Three Little Trees. You can pick one up for yourself from Georgia's Garden Boutique - throw on a bright cardi and some tights and it's just as cute for winter as it is on a warm summer's day.

Next to it is my adorable Polly playsuit by Miss Haidee. It's made from lovely vintage floral knit material - you know the kind your grandma's dresses were always made from? It's definitely going to fit me next summer as well, but it's too cute to put away for winter so I am on the hunt for just the right top or jacket to wear with it.

Then there's my Thula Thula dress that looks divine with a cream turtleneck undernearth on cooler days.

In the middle is my bright and bubbly Andalucia dress from B&Me that is going to be just perfect for brightening up a freezing cold winter's day. I can't go past the red and pink combo and combined with polka dots and flowers it's been an absolute favourite this summer.

My Loz and Dinny dress is next - the colours in it are so lovely yet I still haven't stumbled across anything in the right colour to match with it yet. Any suggestions?

Then comes my Anna and Sally bright pink smocked top. It's just the most amazing colour and looks great with my plain cream Babylegs leg warmers. However, I have also bought these hand crocheted leg warmers which will really make this a special outfit for winter! I can't wait for them to arrive!

Last but not least are my Right Bank Baby happy pants. I've worn them to death since last Spring but I just can't get enough. There's something about the mix of colours and the pattern that means they can be worn with almost any coloured top. Call me crazy but one of my favourite combos with it is an orange and white striped tee from Seed. Shame I've grown out of that though!

Anyway, as I continue to sort my winter wardrobe out I will be sure to share it with you!

Corridors of Power

This is my daycare building. Pretty impressive, huh? Just quietly, there are quite a few grown-up kids who come to visit every sitting week and throw some fairly spectacular tantrums in the Chambers!

There's a school of thought that says you should only wear old and daggy clothes to daycare to avoid getting anything good ruined. I can see the theory behind it, but what's the point in having lovely clothes that you grow out of before you wear them out? I'd rather my clothes reflect the fun I have had in them than still look as pristine as the day I bought them.

This combo of Country Road dress and Ouch frilly knickers is one of my all time favourites for a day at daycare. I've almost grown out of it but can say with absolute confidence that I have gotten wonderful wear out of it and I've had some amazing fun in it!

Sunday Funday

Cute dress, huh? It's by Thula Thula and I simply couldn't resist the beautiful vintage print. I love the line of the dress too - it sits out just over my shoulders and skims in at the waist before falling into an a-line. It also has the cutest little pockets for any treasures I might pick up in my travels!

We went on an impromptu picnic on Sunday and I teamed it with my Neige jeans and of course my favourite Chook Leaf sandals. For racing up and down the hill on top of Parliament House I added my polka dot hat from Wild Things of Noosa . Running down a hill is just not as fun if you don't have a hat to fly off!