Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hands up who loves weddings?

I love weddings - and I have been to a few over the past year and a bit. I went to one earlier this month and agonised a bit over what to wear. Being December it was inevitably warm. However, the ceremony was outdoors so I didn't want to get sunburnt.

In the end I opted for this slightly retro-looking Tea Pony number. I had been eyeing it off in their madeit store but ended up ordering it from Baby's Got Style ( because I left my decision to the last minute (surprising?) and knew that they'd get it to me within 24 hours.

I teamed with it a purple cardi by Minihaha (from and red shoes by Old Sole (from .

I had a big night of dancing and flirting with boys so ended up sleeping in my dress. It pulled up quite well the next morning though don't you think?

Feathering my nest

It's been a while and once again I have no decent excuse for not posting regularly. Aside from trips to Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville during my 6 week blog hiatus. And Christmas shopping of course!!

I thought I'd end 2009 with a familiar theme - sleep! Mummy continues to persevere and make my sleep environment as inviting as possible in the vain hope I might decide to slumber peacefully for a considerate amount of time. Considerate being Mummy's word. Apparently it is inconsiderate to wake at 4am and want to play. Who knew??

Anyway, I thought you might like to see my divine sheets from Habitat Baby - so gorgeous don't you think? Stylish with a hint of girliness but not too babyish. I love them. I only hope by the time I am ready to move to a big girl bed (it's already arrived and is in my room - I'm just waiting on a mattress) that Habitat Baby ( )has their single bed range ready to go!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Opposite the Eiffel

Having started the week on Paris' Left Bank (La Rive Gauche) at the Eiffel Tower, I thought I thought it was time to take you across the Seine and introduce you to the Right Bank... my newest Right Bank Babies romper that is!

I adore the bold purple print and like almost everything in the Right Bank Babies collection, it's fully reversible so if the fancy takes me, I can turn it inside out and create an entirely new look!

Two outfits for the price of one - that's terribly thrifty of me isn't it?! I should buy something new with the money I saved...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The wheels on the bus

I recently stumbled across this gorgeous singlet by Little Rose on (yes yes, I spend FAR too much time browsing on there). I wasn't looking for anything like it, but I just had to snap it up (you understand don't you?) as soon as I saw it.

It's hard to do it justice with a photo - the retro bus is felt (feels so lovely when I stroke it!) and the little cap sleeves are just divine. I confess I am a total sucker for fabric sleeves on a knit top of any description. I think I picked up that trait from my Mummy.

I'm going to team it with some denim shorts to wear tomorrow. I'm just not sure whether to go with dark denim or my faded chambray ones. Suggestions?

There's a parrot in my bed

Here's a sneak peek at my gorgeous sheets Grandma made me from some Saffron Craig material (Parrots is this design). No wonder I don't want to sleep when I've got something so gorgeous to do my nightly yoga routine on!

ps do you like my Eternal Creation pjs?

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Eyeing off the Eiffel

Paris the most stylish city in the world. Fact. Kido Store has the funkiest clothes for pint-sized shopaholics? I'm beginning to suspect that this might also be an inarguable fact. Just look at this uber-chic t-shirt by Atsuyo Et Akiko with the subtle Eiffel Tower print and it's exlcusive 7th arrondissment postcode.

I teamed it with an OUCH denim skirt and black footless tights and added a touch of colour with my pink Tip Toey Joey sandals. Perfect for a spot of Saturday morning shopping don't you think? Just a shame that shopping wasn't in Paris...

Summer Polka

I can't begin to tell you how glamorous I feel in my divine Dear Me hat by Polka - it's chic, it's beachy, it's totally Brigitte Bardot. Yet the big polka dots make it just playful enough for a little girl like me. I'm absolutely in love!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Going on a bird hunt...

I'm a little bit obsessed with birds (ba-DEEEEs as I like to call them) at the moment. I'll happily spend hours staring up at the sky and waving in the hope that some fly by. But I'm also not averse to tracking some down in the bushes when the occasion calls.

I did some serious hunting the other day at Mummy's work and I must say that my Infancy onesie really rose to the occasion. Easy to move in, the pattern made me look like part of the garden and frankly, I looked gorgeous in it... exactly what a girl wants from a bird-hunting outfit.

Now if only I could convince the birds to play with me...

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Puddling and Paddling

Mummy and I are big fans of the US brand Pink Chicken and when Mummy saw these togs and gorgeous matching swim cap she just couldn't resist. I can't blame her - I really think they take paddling pool chic to a whole new level, don't you?

What Mummy isn't telling Daddy is they cost more to ship to Australia than they did to buy. She thought that was a little dodgy at the time given they aren't exactly heavy, and her suspicions that she was being right royally fleeced were confirmed when she saw how much they actually cost to send.

She's hoping that a boutique in Australia decides to stock their togs as well as their dresses before next summer rolls around. Although she's saving hard just in case they don't!

Summer styles

I think you will remember me raving about my gorgeous dress from Loz and Dinny? Well after waiting patiently (!) for winter to end and spring to arrive, I was finally been able to debut it this morning.

After breakfast at our local restaurant (where I showed off my dress to anyone who so much glanced in my direction) we went to the hardware store. Not a usual haunt for a fashionista I will admit, however, I did love the contrast of my vintage print dress and the work boots and shorts that abounded.

Playing Chasey

I discovered a gorgeous new store on a few weeks ago and have been waiting for some perfect t-shirt weather to debut my find. Yesterday was exactly the kind of day I had been waiting for.

The t-shirts are made from gorgeous soft cotton and I just love that they are comfortable and stylish. They've even got free postage at the moment at

Monday, 26 October 2009

Duck Duck Goose

Grandma has been busy again creating me some gorgeous couture. This is the fabric I sent her a little while ago (thoughtful granddaughter than I am) and she's turned it into a divine little dress. Such a versatile shape don't you think? Not to mention it is almost impossible to beat a pink and red colour combo...

Friday, 16 October 2009

Move over Margot

Every little girl dreams of being a prima ballerina and every prima ballerina needs a pair of ballet shoes - which is why I was so excited when I uncovered this gorgeous pair on Design Child. Stylish, soft and just like the real thing!

They'll go perfectly with my Oopsy Daisy Baby pettiskirt don't you think?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

All about the 80s

There's been an 80s revival of sorts lately (hammer pants anyone?) and I thought it couldn't hurt to have a bit of an 80s dress up day - I'm not sure if the leg warmers are more Fame or Footloose but either way, Mummy tells me she wore them back in the day. I thought this grey marle t-shirt dress from OUCH was just perfect for the occasion and the one-sided ponytail topped off my '80s for a day' look!

Trifle goodies

For all my love of Right Bank Babies gear, I think my favourite part of my Trifle parcel ended up being this gorgeous t-shirt from And the Little Dog Laughed - I love the bird in the cage and I love the whimsical fabric on the sleeves and trim. Now if only summer would arrive so I can wear it!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Couture by Grandma

Grandma has a new sewing machine. She loves it. This is exciting beyond words as I'm fairly confident I am going to be the primary beneficiary of her crush on her fancy new machine!

I've been a helpful little granddaughter too and ordered some pretty summer material and sent it up to her - what Grandma doesn't like presents from her granddaughter?! Particularly such thoughtful ones...

Pink uggies

So I know I said in an earlier post that pink boots weren't practical and I am all about practical, but I think we all know that is not really true... on both counts as it happens.

I couldn't resist these Alex & Charli boots when I saw them. I can't actually recall where I saw them, but I remember seeing them and just having to have them - you know how it is? They've turned out to be remarkably practical this winter - warm and stylish. What more could a girl want?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Trifle Shoppe

I've made a heavenly new discovery just in time for Spring - Trifle Shoppe! Rather than having to trawl through a myriad of overseas stores to find designers and brands (only to then be devastated by the exorbitant cost of shipping to Australia!), they are all here on this gorgeously presented shopfront. It's not so much a shop, as a portal to shopping heaven!
Just in time for the arrival of Spring (11 days and counting!), I've stocked up on some Right Bank Babies goodies and bought some gorgeous MiniLala hairclips. Right Bank Babies is a brand I have fallen head over heels in love with, but getting my hands on new pieces has proved to be a challenge... until now! As soon as my parcel arrived I promise to introduce you!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wonders will never cease

It's been a little while since I have last posted and I can only attribute that to my complete lack of enthusiasm for winter fashion... yes I know it was only a few months ago I was loudly extolling its virtues, however, when shops are filling up with Spring goodies, a jacket and boots no longer hold quite the appeal they did at the end of a long summer...
One item I have rarely been without on a cold winter's night has been a tried and true Bonds Wondersuit. Hardly the height of fashion I know, but sensing parental willingness to pay twice the price for anything provided it is labelled "organic", Bonds has come out with a new range of (organic) Wondersuits in bright, cheerful colours that are funky enough to pass muster. They are certainly an improvement on the insipid range of colours their usual Wondersuits come in and I think the lack of a collar is a huge improvement... not surprising they are harder to come across than hen's teeth!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Loz and Dinny

It always sends me into a little bit of a frenzy when I find something so kitschy and unique and Mummy was virtually in a trance when she bought this beautiful dress by Loz and Dinny. Just ask the lovely Gemma who designs these fabulous dresses - Mummy couldn't even remember what size she wanted for me! She's going to have to lift her game because I won't tolerate mistakes when she's buying me clothes. Mummy I mean, not Gemma!

I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail so I can start trying it on with things in my wardrobe. I think it will look gorgeous with skivvies and tights (yes, there's very little I don't think will look good with tights) for the rest of winter and then in summer I can run around in all my bare-legged glory.

Check out the Loz and Dinny store at:

6 days is my limit

I've recently been on a small shopping hiatus. Shocking, I know. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that it wasn't entirely intentional. However, it was an interesting experiment and I am more than a little proud to declare I made it *almost* seven days without so much as a single clothing purchase!

I blew it this morning though... I just couldn't resist this gorgeous fuschia Anna and Sally mini-dress. I doubt anyone could have though. It's just too cute and is going to make even the most dreary winter day seem a little brighter.

Wedding clobber

Well the wedding was absolutely beautiful - a gorgeous sunny winter's day, a stunning bride and a happy groom. The only thing that would have made it better was more people paying attention to me. I was a teensy bit miffed that most people focused on the bride and not me, but Daddy took me outside to see some birdies when he thought I got too vocal with my objections to the lack of attention.

Seriously though, if you looked this adorable wouldn't you try to steal some attention away from the bride as well? Go on, you know you would....

Friday, 10 July 2009

Baby in Black

I've never been sure about babies wearing black, but motivated by some gorgeous knickbockers in black with white polka dots (and with the requisite ruffles on the bottom!) I've been reassessing my stance.

The first time I wore the knickerbockers I wore them with a light grey tee and a baby pink cardi to keep the look light and pretty. However, I was feeling bold and experimental one day so ordered a gorgeous black (eek!) Rock Your Baby tee to team with the knickerbockers.

The result? I'm a convert. I don't think it will become a foundation colour in my wardrobe, but I certainly plan to embrace its possibilities in the future.
Now I just know I saw a nice black t-shirt dress somewhere recently... where was that? Hmm... off to retrace my steps...

Winter wedding

I'm off to a wedding next weekend and am currently assessing my wardrobe options. Mummy has said that I am not really in need of a new outfit given the abundance of girly goodness already available in my wardrobe so I've been going through my dresses in search of something a bit special.

I uncovered this gorgeous mint-green and red Willow & Finn number in my "too big" bag recently and think the wedding may be the perfect opportunity to debut it - what do you think? Teamed with a red cardi in case it is a little cool and perhaps some red tights?

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Online goodies

Daddy read in the Australian Financial Review recently that online baby boutiques are a booming industry. He suspects my arrival may have had something to do with this, however, neither Mummy nor I can imagine why he would think this. I'm sure lots of 9 month olds know their Australia Post parcel delivery guy personally!

Given my dedication to supporting small business, I've decided it is probably best to share my favourite sites with you over time, rather than all at once - that could be a little overwhelming!

I thought I'd start with a perennial favourite (coincidentally a lovely parcel arrived from them this morning!). I love the brands they stock (Ouch, Albetta, Purebaby, Alex and Charli, Tip Toey Joey, Alimrose, Dwell Studio...) and what's even better is that if you order before 1pm, you'll get your order the very next day! Absolutely perfect for when you need a retail therapy pick-me-up!

Oh, and everything comes packed in a lovely reusable shopping tote!

So what arrived this morning?

Well, I got a lovely Mexican Shift Dress by Peace Street (has such a lovely summery feel but I can wear it with tights and a cardi all through winter), a Sailor dress from Rock Your Baby and an Edie ruffle wing tee by Rock Your Baby as well.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fiona Kate fanciness

Now with all this shopping, it's inevitable that a pint-sized fashionista will need some seriously cute storage. And boy was I excited when Mummy discovered the gorgeous boxes from Fiona Kate.

It's almost too exciting to come home to a big pink parcel on the doorstep and tear off the wrapping (Mummy loves it when I help).

They come in all different sizes and fit a huge number of toys and books and odd and ends.

Mummy also likes them for storing out of season clothes and they fit snugly under my cot or on the shelves of my change table.

Check them out at

ps Fiona is so lovely and friendly too :)

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sleep is for the weak

It's true. I don't sleep. Well, the odd powernap here and there, but it's generally something I prefer to leave to the elderly and infirmed. I'm not entirely sure Mummy and Daddy support this philosophy, but that's not my concern.

In fact, now that I reflect on it, I think it is safe to say they are pretty keen for me to spend some more time in the Land of Nod.

That's my Cloud B Sleep Sheep in the corner of my cot - it plays all sorts of soothing sounds to try and encourage me to sleep. Frankly, I find it more amusing than anything! Mummy got it from and I believe there's also a travel version... like I'm going to sleep when I'm on holidays!!

The little Babushka Doll is by OopsiDaisy and is filled with lavender and flaxseed to help me drift off into a peaceful slumber. Not so much. She's just another guest at my midnight tea parties!
And who can go to sleep when there's the gorgeous Coco and Eli birdies to talk to? Silly Mummy thought she was onto a good thing when she bought my sheets from

Does my butt look cute in this?

I've mentioned my love of tights before and I can safely say it is not a love affair that is abating. One of my favourite pairs at the moment are these Sooki Baby ones that I just had to buy after seeing them in Myer (and when I grow out of this pair, my Auntie bought me the next size up!).

Teamed with my Nowa Li moccasins from and a Purebaby cardi from Ebay and I think it's a pretty cute look!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bespoke creations

Don't you hate it when you're out and about in your pram and you see another little tot in your outfit? Obviously it's nice to know there are other babies with great taste out there, but a girl likes to stand out from the crowd!

Fortunately Grandma is a bit of a whiz at sewing and knitting so I have put my orders in for some bespoke couture, but while she gets stuck into those, I thought I'd go on a bit of a hunt to see what else is available out there.

Lo and behold I discovered - enough gorgeous, unqiue creations for every little girl!
Given that Grandma is busily creating clothes and shoes, I have been relatively circumspect in that regard and have concentrated on accessories...

I'm completely addicted to the gorgeous stroller blankets Rachelle from MiaHenry makes ( . The designs are just heavenly and they are so warm and cuddly on a winter's day.

These days I have quite a collection of hairclips and brooches, so I was delighted to stumble across these beautiful hairclip display canvasses made by Chikitita.

I'd really encourage any fellow shopaholic with a desire for something a little bit different to spend some time browsing the site. There are treasures everywhere.
I'm sure this won't be the last time I post about my love of all things bespoke. In fact, I know it won't be - I haven't even touched on the homemade heaven that is Mathilda's Market!

Winter wardrobe

My very first winter is fast approaching and Mummy and I have been putting together a stylish and practical winter wardrobe for the last few months - and I have to confess, I am bursting to wear some of it!

Last weekend gave me an opportunity to wear my Albetta cowboy boots for the first time ever. These do come in pink for girls as well, but I really felt tan was the more practical option - a wardrobe basic so to speak. And in these troubled economic times it is all about wardrobes basics.

Winter is also a fab opportunity for headwear. And surely all sorts of beanies and hats fall into the category of winter wardrobe basics given the importance of keeping an 8 month old's head warm? That's what I told Mummy anyway. It's hard to go past this lovely pink and grey Eeni Meeni beanie I picked up on Ebay!

I'm convinced that you just cannot go past a patterned cord jacket for winter - it brightens any outfit and can make even plain old jeans and a t-shirt seem funky and bold. And really, if you can't wear a patterned cord jacket when you are a baby, when can you wear one? I think this little number from Bebe by Minihaha is going to become a winter wardrobe staple.

Monday, 25 May 2009

After helping my mummy open yet another parcel of beautifully-wrapped goodies from yet another online baby boutique she “just had to try”, I thought perhaps other stylish under 2's might be interested in my musings on the collection of clothes and shoes I am starting to amass.

Today’s delivery was comparably modest – Mummy has been exploring new sites and in order to appear prudent and sensible to Daddy, she only purchased a few ‘essentials’ on the off-chance that she had in fact stumbled across a dud site set up to dupe crazy baby clothes shoppers such as herself – yet, as always, it was full of fun and fashionable goodness!

My favourite was definitely the pink stripe tambourine from Little Styles (seriously who doesn't like a tambourine?), but Mummy was most partial to the bright pink Tip Toey Joey shoes from Paperatzi Boutique.

We're a little bit addicted to tights at the moment and my delivery from Little Styles included a pair of beige textured tights from Fresh Baked - a ridiculously sensible purchase (hence the need for bright pink shoes!) given the cooler weather setting in and the countless options a pair of beige tights will offer. I mean what doesn't go with beige tights?
Speaking of tights, how can you go past these gorgeous new designs from Bonds? OTT to have a birdie on your butt? Surely not. But if you do go for something a little more subtle, these do come in socks as well, so you can wear your birdie on your feet instead!