Saturday 31 October 2009

Puddling and Paddling

Mummy and I are big fans of the US brand Pink Chicken and when Mummy saw these togs and gorgeous matching swim cap she just couldn't resist. I can't blame her - I really think they take paddling pool chic to a whole new level, don't you?

What Mummy isn't telling Daddy is they cost more to ship to Australia than they did to buy. She thought that was a little dodgy at the time given they aren't exactly heavy, and her suspicions that she was being right royally fleeced were confirmed when she saw how much they actually cost to send.

She's hoping that a boutique in Australia decides to stock their togs as well as their dresses before next summer rolls around. Although she's saving hard just in case they don't!

Summer styles

I think you will remember me raving about my gorgeous dress from Loz and Dinny? Well after waiting patiently (!) for winter to end and spring to arrive, I was finally been able to debut it this morning.

After breakfast at our local restaurant (where I showed off my dress to anyone who so much glanced in my direction) we went to the hardware store. Not a usual haunt for a fashionista I will admit, however, I did love the contrast of my vintage print dress and the work boots and shorts that abounded.

Playing Chasey

I discovered a gorgeous new store on a few weeks ago and have been waiting for some perfect t-shirt weather to debut my find. Yesterday was exactly the kind of day I had been waiting for.

The t-shirts are made from gorgeous soft cotton and I just love that they are comfortable and stylish. They've even got free postage at the moment at

Monday 26 October 2009

Duck Duck Goose

Grandma has been busy again creating me some gorgeous couture. This is the fabric I sent her a little while ago (thoughtful granddaughter than I am) and she's turned it into a divine little dress. Such a versatile shape don't you think? Not to mention it is almost impossible to beat a pink and red colour combo...

Friday 16 October 2009

Move over Margot

Every little girl dreams of being a prima ballerina and every prima ballerina needs a pair of ballet shoes - which is why I was so excited when I uncovered this gorgeous pair on Design Child. Stylish, soft and just like the real thing!

They'll go perfectly with my Oopsy Daisy Baby pettiskirt don't you think?