Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bespoke creations

Don't you hate it when you're out and about in your pram and you see another little tot in your outfit? Obviously it's nice to know there are other babies with great taste out there, but a girl likes to stand out from the crowd!

Fortunately Grandma is a bit of a whiz at sewing and knitting so I have put my orders in for some bespoke couture, but while she gets stuck into those, I thought I'd go on a bit of a hunt to see what else is available out there.

Lo and behold I discovered http://www.madeit.com.au/ - enough gorgeous, unqiue creations for every little girl!
Given that Grandma is busily creating clothes and shoes, I have been relatively circumspect in that regard and have concentrated on accessories...

I'm completely addicted to the gorgeous stroller blankets Rachelle from MiaHenry makes (www.madeit.com.au/MiaHenry) . The designs are just heavenly and they are so warm and cuddly on a winter's day.

These days I have quite a collection of hairclips and brooches, so I was delighted to stumble across these beautiful hairclip display canvasses made by Chikitita.

I'd really encourage any fellow shopaholic with a desire for something a little bit different to spend some time browsing the site. There are treasures everywhere.
I'm sure this won't be the last time I post about my love of all things bespoke. In fact, I know it won't be - I haven't even touched on the homemade heaven that is Mathilda's Market!

Winter wardrobe

My very first winter is fast approaching and Mummy and I have been putting together a stylish and practical winter wardrobe for the last few months - and I have to confess, I am bursting to wear some of it!

Last weekend gave me an opportunity to wear my Albetta cowboy boots for the first time ever. These do come in pink for girls as well, but I really felt tan was the more practical option - a wardrobe basic so to speak. And in these troubled economic times it is all about wardrobes basics.

Winter is also a fab opportunity for headwear. And surely all sorts of beanies and hats fall into the category of winter wardrobe basics given the importance of keeping an 8 month old's head warm? That's what I told Mummy anyway. It's hard to go past this lovely pink and grey Eeni Meeni beanie I picked up on Ebay!

I'm convinced that you just cannot go past a patterned cord jacket for winter - it brightens any outfit and can make even plain old jeans and a t-shirt seem funky and bold. And really, if you can't wear a patterned cord jacket when you are a baby, when can you wear one? I think this little number from Bebe by Minihaha is going to become a winter wardrobe staple.

Monday, 25 May 2009

After helping my mummy open yet another parcel of beautifully-wrapped goodies from yet another online baby boutique she “just had to try”, I thought perhaps other stylish under 2's might be interested in my musings on the collection of clothes and shoes I am starting to amass.

Today’s delivery was comparably modest – Mummy has been exploring new sites and in order to appear prudent and sensible to Daddy, she only purchased a few ‘essentials’ on the off-chance that she had in fact stumbled across a dud site set up to dupe crazy baby clothes shoppers such as herself – yet, as always, it was full of fun and fashionable goodness!

My favourite was definitely the pink stripe tambourine from Little Styles (seriously who doesn't like a tambourine?), but Mummy was most partial to the bright pink Tip Toey Joey shoes from Paperatzi Boutique.

We're a little bit addicted to tights at the moment and my delivery from Little Styles included a pair of beige textured tights from Fresh Baked - a ridiculously sensible purchase (hence the need for bright pink shoes!) given the cooler weather setting in and the countless options a pair of beige tights will offer. I mean what doesn't go with beige tights?
Speaking of tights, how can you go past these gorgeous new designs from Bonds? OTT to have a birdie on your butt? Surely not. But if you do go for something a little more subtle, these do come in socks as well, so you can wear your birdie on your feet instead!