Sunday 25 July 2010

Sunday Style

Sunday is all about relaxing. It's about bacon and eggs and coffee and lazily reading newspapers until midday- oh no, wait, that's what Mummy and Daddy used to do before I came along. Nowadays we're the ones waking the birds up with rowdy renditions of Rock-a-Bye Your Bear and the Alphabet song, not to mention confusing the poor things with our moo-ing. Bet they had no idea they lived near Old Macdonald's farm inhabited by some extremely vocal cows.

Style-wise it's a day that calls for a blend of comfort and creativity. Comfort because, well, it's a day of relaxation and creativity because if you can't be creative with your fashion on a Sunday when can you be?

My comfort pieces today are some blue and white stripe tights by And Me Too (if you peer closely enough at the first picture you can see them!) and my Sloppy Joe from Cotton On Kids. Absolutely perfect for a day of relaxing interspersed with random bursts of running and dancing. To mix it up a little I threw on my Three Little Trees tutu from Georgia's Garden and my Walnut gumboots. Both are a little big still, but that only makes them more comfortable, right?

Friday 23 July 2010

Zoom Zoom

Mummy has a slight cushion fetish and early signs suggest I have inherited it. At the recent Mathilda's Market I simply couldn't leave this cushion - and its twin - behind. I love the bright Echino fabric and they're just the right size to sit in my playroom shelves or on my play table chairs. Or you know, scattered artfully on the floor with all my other toys and odds and ends. Mummy's hoping that Anastasia from Cheeky Textiles is at the next markets too so she can get some big cushions for our living room.

Mr Owl

I bought Grandma a subscription to a patchwork and craft magazine for Christmas and it turns out it was an inspired idea - it means I get handmade toys as well as clothes! Quite frankly I'm not sure why I didn't think of it earlier! This gorgeous little critter emerged from Grandma's suitcase when she came to visit a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight. I know he's mostly pink, but I'm very firmly of the opinion that all owls are boys. Hence, he is known as Mr Owl.

Sunday 18 July 2010

My Toddler Room - complete?

It's official - we're moving. So I think this means that this room has evolved for the final time. It's been a long and wonderful journey from my days as a newborn in my cot with just a few dresses hanging in the bookcase (yes, the bookcase - Mummy was still using my cupboard for her clothes!) to a room that is completely mine and a reflection of my growing personality and taste.

My gorgeous toddler bed from Ikea with my Coco and Ginger patchwork quilt and all my little friends who I tuck into bed and rock to sleep each night. I love the freedom it gives me and love to race into Mummy and Daddy in the morning and bounce on their big bed.

The bookcase has become my tutu hanging rack - I'm developing quite an addiction!

This is Mummy and Daddy's chair where they sit when putting me to bed and where we read story after story at night - my current favourite is Miffy! The throw is from MiaHenry on madeit and it was initially a pram blanket until I grew too long for it. It looks perfect in my room.

These cute cushions we picked up on sale from Freedom and were perhaps the colour inspiration for my entire room. I love the bright and bold pink and orange. They match perfectly with my David Fussenegger stripey blanket I bought from a local boutique called Little Owl - the perfect segue really to my beloved owl trio sitting in their tree and watching over my each night.

Last but not least is a new addition from Mathilda's Market - it's by the same lovely ladies who made my scrapped birdie picture and I absolutely would not let Mummy leave the markets a few weeks ago without the 'elly-fat'. I'm looking forward to finding it a new home in my new room.

New curtains

Mummy and I have discovered Urban Outfitters. I suspect this discovery is going to cause the credit card to groan almost as loudly as Daddy does when parcels arrive. I am sure you will agree though that it was simply impossible not to order these divine curtain to finish off my toddler room. We just won't mention that it is only a few weeks until we have to pack it up and move ...

They're the Waterfall Ruffle curtain and we bought them in pale pink. It turned out to be an absolutely perfect blend for my room as the pink is not too overwhelming and blends beautifully. Given they were sent from the US they arrived incredibly quickly and the shipping was free to boot!