Tuesday 30 June 2009

Online goodies

Daddy read in the Australian Financial Review recently that online baby boutiques are a booming industry. He suspects my arrival may have had something to do with this, however, neither Mummy nor I can imagine why he would think this. I'm sure lots of 9 month olds know their Australia Post parcel delivery guy personally!

Given my dedication to supporting small business, I've decided it is probably best to share my favourite sites with you over time, rather than all at once - that could be a little overwhelming!

I thought I'd start with a perennial favourite http://www.babysgotstyle.com.au/ (coincidentally a lovely parcel arrived from them this morning!). I love the brands they stock (Ouch, Albetta, Purebaby, Alex and Charli, Tip Toey Joey, Alimrose, Dwell Studio...) and what's even better is that if you order before 1pm, you'll get your order the very next day! Absolutely perfect for when you need a retail therapy pick-me-up!

Oh, and everything comes packed in a lovely reusable shopping tote!

So what arrived this morning?

Well, I got a lovely Mexican Shift Dress by Peace Street (has such a lovely summery feel but I can wear it with tights and a cardi all through winter), a Sailor dress from Rock Your Baby and an Edie ruffle wing tee by Rock Your Baby as well.

Sunday 28 June 2009

Fiona Kate fanciness

Now with all this shopping, it's inevitable that a pint-sized fashionista will need some seriously cute storage. And boy was I excited when Mummy discovered the gorgeous boxes from Fiona Kate.

It's almost too exciting to come home to a big pink parcel on the doorstep and tear off the wrapping (Mummy loves it when I help).

They come in all different sizes and fit a huge number of toys and books and odd and ends.

Mummy also likes them for storing out of season clothes and they fit snugly under my cot or on the shelves of my change table.

Check them out at www.fionakate.com.au/

ps Fiona is so lovely and friendly too :)

Friday 19 June 2009

Sleep is for the weak

It's true. I don't sleep. Well, the odd powernap here and there, but it's generally something I prefer to leave to the elderly and infirmed. I'm not entirely sure Mummy and Daddy support this philosophy, but that's not my concern.

In fact, now that I reflect on it, I think it is safe to say they are pretty keen for me to spend some more time in the Land of Nod.

That's my Cloud B Sleep Sheep in the corner of my cot - it plays all sorts of soothing sounds to try and encourage me to sleep. Frankly, I find it more amusing than anything! Mummy got it from http://www.babysgotstyle.com.au/ and I believe there's also a travel version... like I'm going to sleep when I'm on holidays!!

The little Babushka Doll is by OopsiDaisy and is filled with lavender and flaxseed to help me drift off into a peaceful slumber. Not so much. She's just another guest at my midnight tea parties!
And who can go to sleep when there's the gorgeous Coco and Eli birdies to talk to? Silly Mummy thought she was onto a good thing when she bought my sheets from http://www.thehipinfant.com.au/.

Does my butt look cute in this?

I've mentioned my love of tights before and I can safely say it is not a love affair that is abating. One of my favourite pairs at the moment are these Sooki Baby ones that I just had to buy after seeing them in Myer (and when I grow out of this pair, my Auntie bought me the next size up!).

Teamed with my Nowa Li moccasins from http://www.babysgotstyle.com.au/ and a Purebaby cardi from Ebay and I think it's a pretty cute look!