Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Winter Wardrobe

All of a sudden the leaves are turning yellow and orange and the mornings are getting just a little bit chilly. Of course we all know what this means - time to start putting together my winter wardrobe! I went for an exploratory mission on the weekend and I must confess I am very excited!

I realise trackies aren't everyone's cup of tea, but where I live it does get really quite cold so I think they count as essentials. I wasn't super-fussed on the velour numbers so I ended up settling for some super-funky grey harem pants that I will team with a hoodie or two. I've got my eye on a few already!

I'm a girly girl (lucky - or Mummy would have wasted a lot of money on all those dresses!) so I tend to head straight to dresses when I'm picking my own clothes. The added bonus is they can then become tops when they get too short - see, I am such a practical shopper.

I've also been doing some fairly intensive trawling of websites for the perfect pieces to help make up my winter wardrobe and over the next few weeks I thought I would give you a sneak peek at my "wish list" - all the things I'm saving hard to buy.

So what did I wear on my exploratory mission? My Sudo Misha dress (it's still a little big but as I told Mummy that's just tough, I'm not waiting until next Summer to wear it!) and my silver Choof Leaf sandals. Mummy pulls them out at every opportunity as apparently my feet are growing too quickly (she mentioned something about Chinese and their lovely foot-binding techniques but I am sure she was joking?!).

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My Messy Bed

A very wise and creative lady said recently that there is something quite lovely about comforter-type quilts on little kids beds and she suspected it was because of the way they looked when they had been jumped on - I think she's right. I love my Coco & Ginger comforter for so many reasons, not least because it is heaps of fun to play on. It's soft and cosy but not too bulky for those times when I just want to sit on my bed and create some havoc amongst my toys!

I also love that some of the patchwork pieces are fabric of dresses that have been some of my absolute summer favourites so when the dresses have long since been packed away for winter I can still enjoy the bright and happy vibe of the fabric.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My room... again!

Mummy, Nan and I went to Mathilda's Market recently and I am sure it won't surprise anyone that we all went a little crazy! One of the first stalls I stumbled across was Gifts Created where I found some amazing mobiles - rather fortuitous given my Tiger Tribe one broke after some particularly crazy wind a while ago. It was hard to choose but I thought these owls made quite a statement and I do have a little bit of a fetish for owls at the moment.

My Auntie sent me some beautiful cards and prints when I was born and I decided that they really did deserve to be framed properly rather than just pegged on my display board. So off Mummy and I trotted and found these simple white ones which I think really enhance the pictures. Coincidentally (!) I happened to have picked up the gorgeous scrapped birdie in the fancy frame which goes beautifully with all the prints as well.

Hanging out in the Park

A few Fridays ago I had a photo shoot with an up and coming local photographer - I had an absolute ball even though I refused to smile for the camera!

I thought long and hard about what to wear but in the end I simply could not go past my frill neck dress by joeyjellybean. It's just the right shade to bring out the hints of red in my hair and the style is just too cute for words. It's also my absolute favourite at the moment!

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