Monday 19 April 2010

Fountain fun-having

Daddy and I recently had a Daddy-daughter excursion around the local city centre while Mummy brunched with friends. We had a great time exploring and indulging in my extreme enthusiasm for fountains.

It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day - you'd never know it was creeping towards the Anzac Day arrival of 'winter' here - so I picked my divine Whitten Grey Front Box Pleat dress from Belles and Whistles Boutique to wear on our adventure. I simply love the lime-y green colour and the shape is perfect for running and climbing, yet still looks a little dressed up.

Whitten Grey also gives away a dress to a little girl in an underprivileged country for every Whitten Grey dress you buy. Each dress has a unique code that allows you to log on and choose the country the little girl lives in, what colour dress you send and what you want to say to her on the card with the dress. Lovely!