Thursday 12 November 2009

Opposite the Eiffel

Having started the week on Paris' Left Bank (La Rive Gauche) at the Eiffel Tower, I thought I thought it was time to take you across the Seine and introduce you to the Right Bank... my newest Right Bank Babies romper that is!

I adore the bold purple print and like almost everything in the Right Bank Babies collection, it's fully reversible so if the fancy takes me, I can turn it inside out and create an entirely new look!

Two outfits for the price of one - that's terribly thrifty of me isn't it?! I should buy something new with the money I saved...

Tuesday 10 November 2009

The wheels on the bus

I recently stumbled across this gorgeous singlet by Little Rose on (yes yes, I spend FAR too much time browsing on there). I wasn't looking for anything like it, but I just had to snap it up (you understand don't you?) as soon as I saw it.

It's hard to do it justice with a photo - the retro bus is felt (feels so lovely when I stroke it!) and the little cap sleeves are just divine. I confess I am a total sucker for fabric sleeves on a knit top of any description. I think I picked up that trait from my Mummy.

I'm going to team it with some denim shorts to wear tomorrow. I'm just not sure whether to go with dark denim or my faded chambray ones. Suggestions?

There's a parrot in my bed

Here's a sneak peek at my gorgeous sheets Grandma made me from some Saffron Craig material (Parrots is this design). No wonder I don't want to sleep when I've got something so gorgeous to do my nightly yoga routine on!

ps do you like my Eternal Creation pjs?

Sunday 8 November 2009

Eyeing off the Eiffel

Paris the most stylish city in the world. Fact. Kido Store has the funkiest clothes for pint-sized shopaholics? I'm beginning to suspect that this might also be an inarguable fact. Just look at this uber-chic t-shirt by Atsuyo Et Akiko with the subtle Eiffel Tower print and it's exlcusive 7th arrondissment postcode.

I teamed it with an OUCH denim skirt and black footless tights and added a touch of colour with my pink Tip Toey Joey sandals. Perfect for a spot of Saturday morning shopping don't you think? Just a shame that shopping wasn't in Paris...

Summer Polka

I can't begin to tell you how glamorous I feel in my divine Dear Me hat by Polka - it's chic, it's beachy, it's totally Brigitte Bardot. Yet the big polka dots make it just playful enough for a little girl like me. I'm absolutely in love!

Monday 2 November 2009

Going on a bird hunt...

I'm a little bit obsessed with birds (ba-DEEEEs as I like to call them) at the moment. I'll happily spend hours staring up at the sky and waving in the hope that some fly by. But I'm also not averse to tracking some down in the bushes when the occasion calls.

I did some serious hunting the other day at Mummy's work and I must say that my Infancy onesie really rose to the occasion. Easy to move in, the pattern made me look like part of the garden and frankly, I looked gorgeous in it... exactly what a girl wants from a bird-hunting outfit.

Now if only I could convince the birds to play with me...