Tuesday 21 June 2011

Everything's a tutu

Puddleduck is obsessed with tutus. I mean really obsessed. She won't wear anything unless it's a tutu. This has led to some creative renaming of her dresses and skirts - everything is referred to as a tutu. In fact I've even caught myself calling my own skirts and dresses tutus.

Given it's winter and Puddleduck also views tights with quite a deal of suspicion, we have some interesting 'discussions' when it comes time to get dressed each morning. You see, some skirts don't twirl and that, my friends, is an essential criteria of a tutu (just quietly some actual tutus don't twirl either - Witchery, I'm looking at yours). So even if it passes the "looks like it might be tutu" test, it doesn't pass the "twirls like a tutu and makes me a beautiful ballerina" test. Tutu fail.

Anyway, I mentioned winter. It's cold. Toddlers need to be kept warm. Tutus are not inherently warm. Especially without tights. Can you see why things get a little heated (no pun intended) when we commence the morning's dressing ritual? Sometimes she gets on board with the tights caper, but the one thing she absolutely will not even consider is pants. Heaven forbid I utter the evil jean word. Even some gorgeous hot pink skinnies are anathema to this tutu-loving princess. Even under a tutu she won't hear of them.

So I've been searching high and low for some pants that might entice her and that's how I ended up at Izzy's Closet. I'm going to do my darnedest to see if the gorgeous romper above will coax her out of her anti-pants crusade. Wish me luck. Do you think if I can get away with calling it tutu-pants?

Saturday 8 January 2011

Summer picnic

It's summer (finally) and summer means picnics. In a park, on the beach, in the spare room - anywhere a girl can find somewhere to unpack her basket and share tiny cupcakes with teddy bears and dollies. And every girl needs a gorgeous picnic blanket to go with her picnic china. Mummy picked this lovely blanket up at Cotton On Kids last week and it's simply perfect for summer soirees.