Thursday 31 December 2009

Hands up who loves weddings?

I love weddings - and I have been to a few over the past year and a bit. I went to one earlier this month and agonised a bit over what to wear. Being December it was inevitably warm. However, the ceremony was outdoors so I didn't want to get sunburnt.

In the end I opted for this slightly retro-looking Tea Pony number. I had been eyeing it off in their madeit store but ended up ordering it from Baby's Got Style ( because I left my decision to the last minute (surprising?) and knew that they'd get it to me within 24 hours.

I teamed with it a purple cardi by Minihaha (from and red shoes by Old Sole (from .

I had a big night of dancing and flirting with boys so ended up sleeping in my dress. It pulled up quite well the next morning though don't you think?

Feathering my nest

It's been a while and once again I have no decent excuse for not posting regularly. Aside from trips to Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville during my 6 week blog hiatus. And Christmas shopping of course!!

I thought I'd end 2009 with a familiar theme - sleep! Mummy continues to persevere and make my sleep environment as inviting as possible in the vain hope I might decide to slumber peacefully for a considerate amount of time. Considerate being Mummy's word. Apparently it is inconsiderate to wake at 4am and want to play. Who knew??

Anyway, I thought you might like to see my divine sheets from Habitat Baby - so gorgeous don't you think? Stylish with a hint of girliness but not too babyish. I love them. I only hope by the time I am ready to move to a big girl bed (it's already arrived and is in my room - I'm just waiting on a mattress) that Habitat Baby ( )has their single bed range ready to go!