Thursday, 3 June 2010

Winter woolies for an afternoon at the park

Any self-respecting toddler knows it's important to be comfortable when you're visiting the park for some fun on the swings and slide. But that's no excuse to look daggy! Nor is the fact that it is getting decidedly chilly at the playground in the late afternoons.

Check out this gorgeous handmade t-shirt (seriously how cute are the ribbons on the pigtails?!) at B & Me. I stumbled across it when I was on there buying another gorgeous dress (Hummingbird Dress) and couldn't resist. It comes with a matching polka dot skirt too!

I teamed it up with my fave Neige jeans, an Ollie and Max quilted military jacket from Little Living, some Chook Leaf shoes (what else?!) and a beanie from Sheep's Clothing. The beanie actually came with a gorgeous vintage fabric and button brooch that I have pinned on another favourite jacket of mine.

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