Monday, 14 June 2010

A day at the beach

It might be winter but sometimes I think that makes the beach even better. There are less people and the sun makes you nice and toasty without burning you within seconds of having emerged out into it. It also means the sand is the perfect temperature for playing in and no risk of third degree burns to little fingers making sandcastles!

As it was an impromptu trip, my outfit was a tad impromptu too. A Coco & Ginger dress over jeans and topped with my reversible Moppit hoody. I bought the hoody from All About Baby at the end of last winter as they cleared old season stock. Like my Oobi coat, it's turned out to have been a great investment - even more so given how cheaply I got it! One side is plain pink and the other is red with pink polka dots.
Of course any outfit would not be complete without a pair of Mummy's shoes - in this case, some black Havianas!

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