Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Shopping spree

Yesterday Mummy went on a scoping expedition for some funky storage and decorating ideas for my shelves. She only intended to look around and make a note of what was available where to avoid impulse purchases that didn't really fit the room or what we want from it. That was until she walked into Typo. A very cool concept store by Cotton On. It also happened to be the very first store she visited - so much for no impulse purchases!

These letters were incredibly cheap so Mummy overcame her slight suspicion of initials being used as decoration and threw some in her basket. I think they look surprisingly good and are a good size for being displayed together or eventually split into different cubes. They also lend themselves to being painted or covered in some gorgeous paper. A craft project for a rainy day perhaps?

Mummy also found some lovely paper lanterns to brighten up the shelves. We're not entirely sure whether we'll end up hanging them from the ceiling like the ones in my bedroom or keep them as shelf features. Either way they're a lot of fun to play with!

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