Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Style

Sunday is all about relaxing. It's about bacon and eggs and coffee and lazily reading newspapers until midday- oh no, wait, that's what Mummy and Daddy used to do before I came along. Nowadays we're the ones waking the birds up with rowdy renditions of Rock-a-Bye Your Bear and the Alphabet song, not to mention confusing the poor things with our moo-ing. Bet they had no idea they lived near Old Macdonald's farm inhabited by some extremely vocal cows.

Style-wise it's a day that calls for a blend of comfort and creativity. Comfort because, well, it's a day of relaxation and creativity because if you can't be creative with your fashion on a Sunday when can you be?

My comfort pieces today are some blue and white stripe tights by And Me Too (if you peer closely enough at the first picture you can see them!) and my Sloppy Joe from Cotton On Kids. Absolutely perfect for a day of relaxing interspersed with random bursts of running and dancing. To mix it up a little I threw on my Three Little Trees tutu from Georgia's Garden and my Walnut gumboots. Both are a little big still, but that only makes them more comfortable, right?


  1. How gorgeous. I love seeing the combinations that my daughter comes up with, she has eclectic taste!

  2. Yes they have a knack for putting pieces they love together and making them work in a way an adult wouldn't be game to!

  3. love it! so adorable :) and no clashing shades of pink which takes a very astute fashionista to select.