Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Toddler Room - complete?

It's official - we're moving. So I think this means that this room has evolved for the final time. It's been a long and wonderful journey from my days as a newborn in my cot with just a few dresses hanging in the bookcase (yes, the bookcase - Mummy was still using my cupboard for her clothes!) to a room that is completely mine and a reflection of my growing personality and taste.

My gorgeous toddler bed from Ikea with my Coco and Ginger patchwork quilt and all my little friends who I tuck into bed and rock to sleep each night. I love the freedom it gives me and love to race into Mummy and Daddy in the morning and bounce on their big bed.

The bookcase has become my tutu hanging rack - I'm developing quite an addiction!

This is Mummy and Daddy's chair where they sit when putting me to bed and where we read story after story at night - my current favourite is Miffy! The throw is from MiaHenry on madeit and it was initially a pram blanket until I grew too long for it. It looks perfect in my room.

These cute cushions we picked up on sale from Freedom and were perhaps the colour inspiration for my entire room. I love the bright and bold pink and orange. They match perfectly with my David Fussenegger stripey blanket I bought from a local boutique called Little Owl - the perfect segue really to my beloved owl trio sitting in their tree and watching over my each night.

Last but not least is a new addition from Mathilda's Market - it's by the same lovely ladies who made my scrapped birdie picture and I absolutely would not let Mummy leave the markets a few weeks ago without the 'elly-fat'. I'm looking forward to finding it a new home in my new room.


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  2. What a beautifully decorated room Puddleduck! And such impeccable, sophisitated taste :D

  3. What a lovely room little miss - looking forward to seeing what your new room looks like in your new home:)

  4. Thanks Kylie - can't wait to start putting it together ... starting with those curtains!

  5. I love this room! I want to create it for my daughter, only she has to share with her twin brother and I don't think he'd like it as much :) What a lucky duck you are Puddleduck!

    Found you at Maxabella loves, would love you to visit

  6. He might not like the blatant girliness quite so much ... I'm enchanted by your blog and your lovely family :)

  7. I am freaking out at how many tutu's your daughter has - too cute...I am so tempted to get my girls some - I want one too! Naomi.