Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My room... again!

Mummy, Nan and I went to Mathilda's Market recently and I am sure it won't surprise anyone that we all went a little crazy! One of the first stalls I stumbled across was Gifts Created where I found some amazing mobiles - rather fortuitous given my Tiger Tribe one broke after some particularly crazy wind a while ago. It was hard to choose but I thought these owls made quite a statement and I do have a little bit of a fetish for owls at the moment.

My Auntie sent me some beautiful cards and prints when I was born and I decided that they really did deserve to be framed properly rather than just pegged on my display board. So off Mummy and I trotted and found these simple white ones which I think really enhance the pictures. Coincidentally (!) I happened to have picked up the gorgeous scrapped birdie in the fancy frame which goes beautifully with all the prints as well.

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