Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wonders will never cease

It's been a little while since I have last posted and I can only attribute that to my complete lack of enthusiasm for winter fashion... yes I know it was only a few months ago I was loudly extolling its virtues, however, when shops are filling up with Spring goodies, a jacket and boots no longer hold quite the appeal they did at the end of a long summer...
One item I have rarely been without on a cold winter's night has been a tried and true Bonds Wondersuit. Hardly the height of fashion I know, but sensing parental willingness to pay twice the price for anything provided it is labelled "organic", Bonds has come out with a new range of (organic) Wondersuits in bright, cheerful colours that are funky enough to pass muster. They are certainly an improvement on the insipid range of colours their usual Wondersuits come in and I think the lack of a collar is a huge improvement... not surprising they are harder to come across than hen's teeth!


  1. I thought you were going to have a fashion parade last weekend...what happened? You must tell me where you get your "organic" Bonds Wondersuits from....I love bright, cheerful colours. I am a little timid about my sizing for September, will I be a 0000, 000 or 00??

  2. BigW is where I have gotten my organic Wondersuits from... I think also stocks them, however, I'm really struggling to find any anywhere at the moment! I think your Mummy should maybe get you some 000s to start with as Bonds sizing tends to run quite small - especially if you have long legs!
    You should also get your Mummy to buy you some of the new BabyTails from Bonds... like cottontails but all bright and colourful for babies to wear over their nappies! I've only seen them in Myer so far but I'm sure they'll be everywhere soon!