Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Winter wardrobe

My very first winter is fast approaching and Mummy and I have been putting together a stylish and practical winter wardrobe for the last few months - and I have to confess, I am bursting to wear some of it!

Last weekend gave me an opportunity to wear my Albetta cowboy boots for the first time ever. These do come in pink for girls as well, but I really felt tan was the more practical option - a wardrobe basic so to speak. And in these troubled economic times it is all about wardrobes basics.

Winter is also a fab opportunity for headwear. And surely all sorts of beanies and hats fall into the category of winter wardrobe basics given the importance of keeping an 8 month old's head warm? That's what I told Mummy anyway. It's hard to go past this lovely pink and grey Eeni Meeni beanie I picked up on Ebay!

I'm convinced that you just cannot go past a patterned cord jacket for winter - it brightens any outfit and can make even plain old jeans and a t-shirt seem funky and bold. And really, if you can't wear a patterned cord jacket when you are a baby, when can you wear one? I think this little number from Bebe by Minihaha is going to become a winter wardrobe staple.


  1. Ainslie totally agrees - she has the dress from Bebe by Minihaha that matches your jacket, bought by her very stylish friend Gemma. Ainslie pairs hers with sensible white tights, but adds that touch of class with ruffles on her bottom!

  2. I'm so pleased that Ainslie is in agreeance not only with the winter florals motif, but the ruffles on her bottom too! I firmly believe ruffles add pizzazz to any outfit. I have recently grown into a lovely Bebe jumpsuit also bought by the stylish Gemma - she has great taste!