Monday, 25 May 2009

After helping my mummy open yet another parcel of beautifully-wrapped goodies from yet another online baby boutique she “just had to try”, I thought perhaps other stylish under 2's might be interested in my musings on the collection of clothes and shoes I am starting to amass.

Today’s delivery was comparably modest – Mummy has been exploring new sites and in order to appear prudent and sensible to Daddy, she only purchased a few ‘essentials’ on the off-chance that she had in fact stumbled across a dud site set up to dupe crazy baby clothes shoppers such as herself – yet, as always, it was full of fun and fashionable goodness!

My favourite was definitely the pink stripe tambourine from Little Styles (seriously who doesn't like a tambourine?), but Mummy was most partial to the bright pink Tip Toey Joey shoes from Paperatzi Boutique.

We're a little bit addicted to tights at the moment and my delivery from Little Styles included a pair of beige textured tights from Fresh Baked - a ridiculously sensible purchase (hence the need for bright pink shoes!) given the cooler weather setting in and the countless options a pair of beige tights will offer. I mean what doesn't go with beige tights?
Speaking of tights, how can you go past these gorgeous new designs from Bonds? OTT to have a birdie on your butt? Surely not. But if you do go for something a little more subtle, these do come in socks as well, so you can wear your birdie on your feet instead!

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