Thursday, 6 May 2010

Waste not want not

It seems such a waste to pack away all my gorgeous summer dresses now that the weather has turned positively chilly so Mummy and I have been hunting high and low to try and find some long sleeve tees to layer under them so I can keep wearing them for a little longer yet.

So far we haven't had a great deal of success (seriously what is with the need to embellish everything these days?) so I thought I'd show you some of my favourite summer dresses instead!

On the far left is my Dragonfly dress by Three Little Trees. You can pick one up for yourself from Georgia's Garden Boutique - throw on a bright cardi and some tights and it's just as cute for winter as it is on a warm summer's day.

Next to it is my adorable Polly playsuit by Miss Haidee. It's made from lovely vintage floral knit material - you know the kind your grandma's dresses were always made from? It's definitely going to fit me next summer as well, but it's too cute to put away for winter so I am on the hunt for just the right top or jacket to wear with it.

Then there's my Thula Thula dress that looks divine with a cream turtleneck undernearth on cooler days.

In the middle is my bright and bubbly Andalucia dress from B&Me that is going to be just perfect for brightening up a freezing cold winter's day. I can't go past the red and pink combo and combined with polka dots and flowers it's been an absolute favourite this summer.

My Loz and Dinny dress is next - the colours in it are so lovely yet I still haven't stumbled across anything in the right colour to match with it yet. Any suggestions?

Then comes my Anna and Sally bright pink smocked top. It's just the most amazing colour and looks great with my plain cream Babylegs leg warmers. However, I have also bought these hand crocheted leg warmers which will really make this a special outfit for winter! I can't wait for them to arrive!

Last but not least are my Right Bank Baby happy pants. I've worn them to death since last Spring but I just can't get enough. There's something about the mix of colours and the pattern that means they can be worn with almost any coloured top. Call me crazy but one of my favourite combos with it is an orange and white striped tee from Seed. Shame I've grown out of that though!

Anyway, as I continue to sort my winter wardrobe out I will be sure to share it with you!

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