Thursday, 31 December 2009

Feathering my nest

It's been a while and once again I have no decent excuse for not posting regularly. Aside from trips to Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville during my 6 week blog hiatus. And Christmas shopping of course!!

I thought I'd end 2009 with a familiar theme - sleep! Mummy continues to persevere and make my sleep environment as inviting as possible in the vain hope I might decide to slumber peacefully for a considerate amount of time. Considerate being Mummy's word. Apparently it is inconsiderate to wake at 4am and want to play. Who knew??

Anyway, I thought you might like to see my divine sheets from Habitat Baby - so gorgeous don't you think? Stylish with a hint of girliness but not too babyish. I love them. I only hope by the time I am ready to move to a big girl bed (it's already arrived and is in my room - I'm just waiting on a mattress) that Habitat Baby ( )has their single bed range ready to go!

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